To each examination, the right role… this is an example of how the information can be misinterpreted: tricology is a study that analyses the hair structure,
while the hair analysis test “uses” the structure of the hair to understand what happens in the profoundness of the vital systems of an individual.

Let’s enter together in the comprehension of this test, of what it can offer as an inquiry instrument and what can indicate in order to improve our health status.

The hair analysis test: a stabile examination

Within the human organism it was calculated that take place approximate 100.000 of chemical reactions per second.
Such reactions are controlled by particular protein biocatalizative molecules called Enzymes, which demand for their adequate functioning the presence of certain minerals. If there is a lack of minerals or is registered the presence oftoxic minerals, the enzymatic function is disturbed or completely disappear. The hair analysis test supplies an accurate bio-chemical identikit, since the hair represents an organic tissue which composition is basically identical with the one of other organic tissues.
This test uses the mass spectrofotometrics for plasma induction, a very similar technique as the one studied for evaluations of the mineral composition in stars or planets.
The hair analysis test is a test recognised by the WHO – World Health Organisation, which completes the clinical inquiries already used, and it is able to report information on the functionality of the metabolism, revealing which equilibriums had been altered, which mineral and vitamin integrators are needed, which toxic metals we are accumulating before the symptoms appear or analysis detect their presence.
Moreover, it doesn’t present transitory results like blood or urine analysis, but stabilised value corresponding at a certain line of bio-chemical history of approximate 3 months.
The “readings” of hair analysis test have to be done in this approach of synergic action of nutrients; even if minerals account just for 4% of our body composition, they have a fundamental action partly through enzymes, regulators of intra-cellular signals, tissue constituents, in influencing the hormonal and the autonomous nervous system lines…
the correct interpretation of this test becomes an indispensable instrument in preventing or in supporting the diet of many pathological situations. In the following sections we will clarify how this can be applied.