Dietetics : Nutrition = Macrocosmos : Microcosmos


The topic of this article is intended as another window open in a global way for a better understanding of this perfect human machine that for the too many demands which undertakes, is usually “imperfect”. It is therefore necessary a revisiting of the words that in the common language lost or substitute the right sense like the words dietetics and nutrition.
In the mind of many persons these two words are the same while in reality they explain the study of two completely different worlds with diverse origins of research. The dieteticsstudies the composition of the aliments (weight, calories, etc) and how it can be optimised the alimentation through the individual standard parameters (weight, age, sex, profession, etc);
the nutritionism instead studies the absorption of aliments and of all that arrives from the exterior as information in the interior of the organism, from the individual point of view.
How? Basically, from biochemistry, a relatively new science, that studies the chemical components of the living cells, the reactions and the chemical processes that corresponds to these, that today makes use of test of various types for searching alterations and other study disciplines linked to this one; actually, the knowledge of biochemistry is indispensable for all life sciences. All the illnesses have a biochemical basis; one of the first premises for maintaining the health status is that there exists a certain assumption the number of substances from which the most important are the vitamins, some amino acids, minerals, certain fat acids and water.
Therefore, there appear even more clearly the need to speaking about dietetics is very different from talking about nutritionism.
We are not interested in both. You would ask why…the reason is simple: we cannot send a controversial message from the interior versus the exterior in the same way as it is not possible to send a controversial message from the exterior versus the interior. When this occurs, and occurs always, the machine begins its process of alteration, as we can say“alter-another action” with respect to the original one, the one that explains the “Order” to which the healthy cells respond from when they are born, being provided and fortified by memory. To make an example that I use very often in my seminars “the EPATOCITA won’t ever make the role of the red globule”: in other terms, in Nature, the roles are always “respected”; only in emergency cases it is supplemented a role for continuing to maintain a status of in the most functional way, such that the organism with the resources that still recognise to itself, is capable to maintain itself in this order. This leads ourselves to consider how each of us knows himself/herself and what relationship has with the own organism and with the external world: with respect to what each of us maintain in a status of “Order”, we will have a consequent response from the organism side. It is mentioned so much the toxins, heavy metals, antioxidants, mineral, vitamins but in a very superficial way; we will approach them in a more profound way and through an instrument that, as a nutritional consultant, I know very well: the hair analysis test.